Saturday, August 15, 2009

How do I describe my day??

So, as I said yesterday, I agreed to go help another location with their post inventory stuff. I ended up working there until 830pm. By the time I got home it was almost 10. (pretty damn close to bedtime!) This picture is the only way I can describe how I felt there. I cannot believe an inventory was done in this condition. They had the highest flash shrink in the district in like the last 5 years. And the sad part - I bet you a lot of the stuff was there. I kept grabbing the dept supervisor by the arm, pointing at an area and all that would come out of my mouth was "DUDE?!?!" I don't blame him 100%. He only inherited the department a month ago , but DUDE?!?! They didn't count an entire roll of carpet because someone had taken down the sample without replacing it and no one knew what it was so the tag had a giant red question mark!?!?!? DUDE?!?!?

I told him if his store manager talks to mine, I'll come down a couple of Tuesdays if he is working and help him a little. He's a bit overwhelmed. I did pop 19 orders for carpet, so by next Friday he needs to get those machines straight. DUDE?!?!?

The cool thing was since I didn't go into my store until 9am ( I wasn't working more than 11 1/2 hours) So I had breakfast with Angie. I'm pretty sure she went back to sleep after I left though. Speaking of the princess, she went down the shore with 2 friends and one of their parents. Good thing about some peer pressure - her friends parents are stricter than we appear to be, so she thinks we're cool, but stays in line cause that's where her friends are!

I've been working on her sock. There was a problem with the gusset set up round, but an easy to figure out one.

Have a great day!! Tomorrow's the race at Michigan - GOOOOO SMOKE!!!


  1. sounds like some day!

    I feel really bad, I am in so much pain it causes the panic and that causes the upset stomach etc

    The pizza had homemade meatballs, fresh tomato and fresh mozzerella on a pillsbury pie crust. As I said delish!!!

  2. Don't ya just love cleaning up other's messes at work? It really Rocks.... NOT.

  3. Looking forward to seeing Angie's princess socks. I love anything made for a princess.


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