Monday, August 17, 2009

weeekend knitting

Too hot to knit or even think today, so here's what I worked on over the weekend. Mind you most of Sunday's race was spent trying to decide what I wanted to work on and then picking a pattern and then balling the yarn. So this is angie's sock so far:


And this is my mom's Christmas shawl so far. The pattern is Traveling Woman - The yarn is twisted fiber's Janus, but I'm calling the shawl beach glass.

beach glass


  1. Mother-Daughter projects, but not in the traditional sense. I just love the Princess sock yarn. It is working up nicely. Beach Grass is the perfect name. It will be fun to see the pattern that emerges from the yarn.

  2. Those projects of off to a great start. Very pretty colors too.

  3. Thanks everyone-

    Jean - that is from Brook (twisted fiber) she had several more hanks so there is more!


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