Saturday, December 26, 2009

Angie's 1st meet!

With all the Christmas going on this week, I neglected to tell you about Angie's first fencing meet.  Both the girl's and the boys lost, but against a team that practices all year around.  Angie gained a lot of respect and fans from the parents on both sides.  She had been frustrated in past year's by captains unwilling to make substitutions once the team won or lost.  Since there are 27 bouts in a meet, 14 wins.  She had always felt that once either team hit 14, the starters should be subbed out so other fencers can get some experience.  Some schools have teams that are comprised of fencers that pretty much all take outside lessons and compete in outside tournaments.  Her school that is only about 30%, so the experience is especially important.  Other captains have kept themselves in, or been swayed by fencers who were 0-2 and wanted a shot at one win.  Angie subbed out herself and the C-strip fencer for 2 freshmen, for both their first night with electric.  One of them won, the other lost 4-5  - but started her bout losing 0-4.  So they both are showing serious potential.  

Angie went 2-0 winning both her  bouts.  Her second bout she won 5-0 in a total of 8 seconds.  Here is a picture of her after her first point in one second.


  1. WOW...I didn't know she did that and further more I didn't know they had that in school. How cool.
    And yes, I so agree everyone should get the time to play. Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Way to go Angie!! Congratulations on winning all her bouts and her team spirit!


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