Sunday, December 20, 2009

I want Curt back!

After being in the "hole" on the radar for 10 + hours, it finally started snowing.
But being 10 hours behind we only got maybe 7 or 8 inches, by my best guess.

It did snow pretty heavily once it did start snowing, but we got nowhere near my friend in central Jersey who could only see the very tip of his 24" fence.  It did apparently snow hard enough that all flights to Newark from Atlanta for this morning were cancelled, along with Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and Boston.  (but they could make it to Providence  and Albany - explain that!)  Curt found out by text that his atl -ewr flight was cancelled, and flew to Atlanta anyway.  He has been on standby for 4 different flights now.  With standby lists of 60, 112 and 132..  He is now #32 on a standby list for 7pm.  If he can't get on a flight today. he does have a confirmation for TUESDAY morning!!  he can't go on standby for tomorrow morning before 11, because if he's not delayed 24 hours, travellers insurance won't pay for the hotel.


If Curt can't get home, the least we could have gotten was the fun snow!  Angie and I had a "girls day" starting on Friday night. We went out for sushi - place by us has 50% off if you buy more than $20 of sushi (not counting drinks or other food)  So it's a good deal since we split a pot of tea, get 2 glasses of water and each order 2-3 rolls and 2-3 types of pieces (4-6 pieces) and spend 25 including a nice tip.  Saturday we got pizza for lunch and made shrimp risotto for dinner, watched  New In Town, with Renee Zellwigger and Harry Connick Jr.  and played video games and board games.  I even got some knitting in.  Today we shoveled out the cars and watched tv, and played some more games and basically waited for curt's next text.


  1. Gosh that is horrible that Curt can't get home. All that home just seems surreal over the TV and pictures everyone is posting. Good for you and Angie...sounds like fun...I hope Curt gets home soon :)

  2. I hope Curt makes it home soon. Have a great week. Love the picture.


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