Sunday, December 6, 2009

We did drive in the snow!


It did snow yesterday!  It started snowing while CUrt and I were in the Mall.  (all shopping done except his sister and dad)  After lunch and  a brief nap it was still snowing.


So Angie and I went driving in the snow.  First though she had to clear the car, so it wasn't one of those mobile "igloos" I can't stand.

angie cleans the car

can't drive an igloo

winter driving\

No actual pictures driving.  She did good.  Not sure about how my heart faired though!


  1. wow love the snow! All we got yesterday was wind and rain in this part on NC.

  2. I second that. I don't do snow either. But it is pretty :)

  3. Ok Grace - Angie's first pick college is U of Michigan. Third pick is UConn. Even Temple and Rutgers see their share of snow! So until she finds her own Tom, she needs to learn to deal with snow.

    Thom - since this weather (other than the tops of mountains) in Hawaii would be pretty apocalyptic, I think you're safe! Unless you ever visit NJ!


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