Saturday, December 12, 2009

I bought a hand!

I found a hand!  While I was out Christmas shopping!  I actually wandered through Marshall's for the hell of it, and I found hands!!   For my non-knitting friends, I love to make fingerless gloves but it's always an awkward shot trying to take a picture on one's own hand.  I've seen people on Ravelry who have different hands and I've wanted one for a long time.  I actually saw a booth that was using this exact hand for display at Stitches in October, but she wasn't selling her hand.

see how well it works!!


  1. OMG...the things you could do with that and play jokes on..Wonderful :) LOL

  2. Did they have more then one, I have wa nted a hand forever!!!!!

    my word verification is angie!

  3. So pretty! I found one the last flea market we went to. Plain white but it was only a buck!

  4. Oh how wonderful! Good for you and your find. I have both a head and a hand on my list but never thought to focus at Marshall's or TJ Maxx! Enjoy! A great to me from me present.


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