Monday, December 21, 2009

Knitting Updates

In an unusual turn of events, I actually finished 2 projects. ( Ok one still needs blocking)  I can actually show you both because one is for me and the other is a present for my mom, who doesn't know blogs exist much less that I have one.

Beach Glass unblocked, fresh off the needles.

unblocked edge
Unblocked edge

Beach Glass blocking.

It's for my mom.  I bought a glass shawl pin when I was at Rhinebeck to go with it.  The yarn is hand dyed by Brook of Twisted Fiber - she does great work doesn't she?  And the best part was I got to go through her totes and pick out the yarn I wanted in August, cause she's really good friends with my friend Min.


This is colonnade.   It's actually for me!  I used Manos on the solid part and Malabrigo on the bottom section.  I will probably block it on Thursday morning.  I just cast on to make matching fingerless mitts with the Malabrigo.


  1. Boy you sure are talented. Very nice. :)

  2. very nice I love how your Colonade is almost the opposite of mine---the print being on top and more of a solid on the bottom Mine still isn't blocked!


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