Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm on Vacation!

A nod to the best Christmas movie ever!

I finally got everything done at work ( did 31 hours in 3 days to do it - working around my airport adventures to get Curt back)  so I am officially on vacation!!  I do not have to go back to work until 01.04.10 ( it's so cool putting that 10 in for the year for going back to work!) My shopping has all been done for 2 weeks now, although Angie needed a new glove for fencing as her's had a short in it, and we did pick her up a surprise when we went down to saddle brook to get it.  I still have a lot of wrapping to do.  My plan for today is to do my wrapping, finish my malabrigo mitts. block my colonnade and not leave the house!!  Hopefully finishing my wrapping will help get me in a more holiday mood.  

For the week, Angie has practice Mon and Tue.  I am hoping to meet up with  Grace for lunch on one of those two days, since I had to cancel this past Tuesday so I could get my Curtis back.  I want to go skiing the tail end of the week.
I do have a blog post scheduled to pop up tomorrow, but since most people won't be blog surfing, I'd like to wish ALL of my internet friends, their families and friends a Very Merry Christmas from me and my family!


  1. Merry Christmas my dear blog friend. I am glad your baby has returned home to you.

  2. Merry Christmas, Ria, to you and the family! :)

  3. Nalu is my neighbors dog but I'm with him every day. I take him for a walk. He and I are real good buddies :) Merry Christmas my friend to you and your entire family. Enjoy your vacation and I'm glad Curt is back :)

  4. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! I am gald you got all your work done and you are on vacation! Have fun! Theresa


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