Monday, December 14, 2009

Weird Weather Sunday.

I love winter!  We all know how much I live winter!  However, as much as I don't complain about winter weather, freezing rain sucks.  Give me snow, I'll even deal with sleet, but freezing rain ( especially considering I don't use umbrellas) sucks.  That's what we had yesterday.  Two bridges ( that I know of) were closed because of the ice. ( Angie didn't know there was a bridge in one spot... sigh)  I however, never changed out of my lounge pants.  Yup.  I stayed in all day!  Curt and Angie had to make 2 trips to storage so she could decorate the tree.  ( No comment)  I started sifting throught the disaster that my stash had become.. Started.......

I then broke out the sewing machine.  Yes, I own a seldom used sewing machine.  Sewing really isn't my thing.  But, When Angie had painted her room, I promised her I'd make curtains.  Well, Not exactly make.  I shortened some very bright, very pink sheers yesterday.  And I'm going to attempt to make curtains from orange, pink and yellow striped table cloths she had purchased.  And maybe toppers too.  Just the sheers made my back hurt.  Of course I'm sure my couch is not really ergodynamically correct for the task, and the machine was on a tray table.  Y es that is a freshmade oatmeal cookie and ahem, spiked spiced cider in the foreground!


  1. Your post made me laugh. OMG, sewing on a tray table while sitting on the couch drinking spiked cider. I take sewing so seriously. My sewing machine has its own room, table, computer, and name. Maybe I am the one people are laughing at.

    Your machine is really cute. Sewing drapes is easier if you have a table at the side and back of the machine to support the fabric. Congrats on breaking out the machine, setting everything up, and sewing.

  2. your machine is cute. That was pretty funny♥ I Love winter too! Just don't like to be cold.


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