Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Land that Snow Forgot

It was supposed to start snowing here at 4am this morning.  It's supposed to snow until sometime tomorrow.  Now as much as I love snow, I do want it to end early tomorrow.  Curt's uncle passed earlier in the week, and Curt flew down to Louisiana for the wake and funeral.   (He flew through Atlanta yesterday and sent me a text that is NASCAR would switch it's jet dryers to 737 engines, the tracks would be cleared much faster.... more debris as the trucks hit the wall... but dry)  His return flight is scheduled to land at 1206 tomorrow afternoon.  We are about 30 miles from the airport - 40 minutes on a good day.  But if the roads are crappy, I'm going to have to leave way earlier than that.  Which puts me leaving the house 30 minutes after the flight takes off. 

But while I want it to end early so the roads can get plowed, I want it to snow now!!  it was supposed to start 8 1/2 hours ago!  I was talking to a friend in Central jersey, where it is snowing.... He started laughing ( he knows how I turn into a little kid in snow) and told me to look at the radar.  See the big hole of no snow to the left of New York City?  I am in that hole!!!  :(



  1. i just saw that hole on TV and I too am upset but every bone in my body aches so I know its going to do something

    I am sorry to hear about Curt's uncle I wondered why you were talking about his flight last night.

  2. That hole can't stay too long! Look what's beneath it!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Curts uncle. May he rest in peace. You poor thing and your hole. If it's not holes, it's inventories LOL. Have a great and safe weekend :)


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