Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally have some knitting pic's and a faulty teapot quiz.

I decided that the best way to get my knitting mojo back, I needed to knock out some short attention span projects.  And what is quicker than dishcloths?  So first is the dishcloth of the week on my Squares Squared group on Ravelry- Boxy dishcloth   

boxy dishcloth

boxy dishcloth back

And Americana ( in the new issue of Creative Knitting Magazine)

Red Americana

Now anyone who knows me would totally disagree with the results of this test - with the exception of being 1/2 japanese I do drink green tea occasionally, but white tea is my fav.

You Are Measured

You believe in moderation, and you're pretty good at practicing it too. You avoid all extremes.

You try to live a sustainable life. You believe in conserving both your energy and your resources.

You're the type of person who puts a pot of tea on when you need some energy. You don't depend on it, but it gives you a boost.

Your signature tea: green tea - any and all kinds



  1. Very pretty my friend. But you believe in moderation? pffft. Remember the liver ROFLMAO!!! David Copperfield :)

  2. The dishcloths are lovely. I especially like the red one. Maybe that is why my tea pot test came out Red Rooibos Tea. I love Rooibos tea and drink it daily. Thanks for the link.

  3. Love the Boxy Dishcloth! Checked and it was already in my favorites. I just need to get some yarn out and work on it. :)


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