Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random stuff from the weekend - warning there is some mockery

So here's some random stuff from the weekend.  IF MOCKERY IS GOING TO OFFEND YOU YOU MAY WANT TO CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW, AND TRY AGAIN TOMORROW!  This is my official disclaimer!  No complaints about the mockery if you actually read the whole post!  Also - NOT EVERYTHING in this post is mocking.  Please be intelligent enough to know the difference.

So on Friday, I got my swap package from my hockey swap.  Apparently I need to wear more green and purple as the last two swap packages I got included green and purple based scarves!hockey swap

On Saturday, Curt went to one of his computer nerd conferences, so I did a lot of laundry.  Blech, I hate laundry.  I was getting ready to relax and watch the race when a little past 6 our power started blinking. ( Did I mention just how windy it was this weekend?)  then out power went out completely.  Now my laptop battery is kinda shot - and I'm not entirely sure if my woreless would work at the wall without power anyway.   I did use my phone a bit longer online, but decided to shut it off as this new phone of mine seriously sucks power.  I mean my last phone I used constantly and I charged it every 2 or 3 days.  This phone, I think I need a car charger for as it is on yellow or red each day when I get home.  Fortunately, the transformer that our power is on, is also the transformer that runs the traffic light on the corner of Main St and the highway.  SO the cops were directing traffic, which obviously pushed our problem to the top of the power company's list.  I have to give them credit, they had the power back up in under 2 hours, closer to 1.5 hours actually.



Back to Sunday.  The track wasn't very crowded, but there were still a bunch of "don'ts" there.

First, the should be extinct, but is merely just endangered - Mullet
the mullet lives!

Dude - it's seriously time to cut the tail.
dude - cut the rat tail

 Pit Lizards?
pit lizards

Finally - this is for "you know who you are"  It is seriously annoying that you read my blog, never deigning to comment on it.  You also don't have the nerves to tell me yourself, your opinion of my blog and/or its contents. Do I actually care?  Do I ever care about any of your "correctness" opinions?  Realistically - you do not need to read my blog.  You can keep up on Angie much more directly if you chose.  but if you do read the blog - please refrain from telling A to tell B to tell me your opinion.  because I don't care.  

If you had actually read Thursday's blog post ( and if you are going to read my blog I would consider the Thunks a surprising choice of posts)  It asked what the oldest picture in my house was.  Not for ALL the old pictures in my house.  Nor did it ask for the oldest picture of my parents in the house.  But to make you happy - Here is a picture of my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather ( whom I called grey grandpa, because I thought it was grey for his hair - yes I was so dumb it could be confused with cute)

Daddy, Grandpa & Grey Grandpa  I'm thinking it was around 1938 or so.



  1. we lost power too but only long enough for everything to have ot reboot from scratch--what a pain!!!!

    My new phone also needs to be charged constantly, DD thinks its the charger, because if she uses a different one it lasts much longer don't know and don't have a different one to try!!!

  2. I hate blog stalkers. I have one as well -- happens to be an old boss. Why he feels the need to stalk my blog, I'll never know.

  3. Great swap package! I think you will look nice in purple and green; the scarf is really pretty. Loved your cute story about your 'grey' grandpa.

  4. You go girl. Just love the "you know who you are". I so agree with you on this and like how you just tell it like it is. More people should be like that and I for one appreciate your frankness all the time. :) It's refreshing to me. :) Great photo of grey grandpa and you are so right...cut the hair dude. LOL Have a great day :)


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