Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

I do realize this picture is not the kind of gorgeous florist flowers you find on Mother's Day cards.  It isn't even the flowers in my garden you usually see here.  But trust me when I tell you these flowers are more impressive than any of those.  And they are a better representative of most mothers than any flower grown in a hot house under perfect  conditions.

I was at New Jersey Motorsports Park today for the Trans-Am race. (don't worry I'll post about that later)  Let me  describe the parking lot for you.  Dirt.  Dirt that is pretty much  a mix of sand and clay - no loam, no top soil - just sand and clay dirt.  Dry dirt.  Gusts of wind created mini dust storms.  This dirt has been driven over by countless cars in its usage  as a parking lot. Dirt that is as hard as concrete.  The little tufts of grass like plants struggle to  maintain a footing.  A very difficult even hostile environment.  Today was windy and freezing cold.  When it rains the lots turn into a muddy sticky mess.

And yet among all this harshness, these tiny little daisies bloom.  Their stems are less than 6" high, their flowers are barely 1/4 to 1/2 inch across.  It is very easy to overlook them as you walk, I wonder if anyone there appreciated them at all.  But there they were.  In that dirt, flowers looking up to the sun, little bits of happiness among the harshness.

Mothering isn't easy. The environment can be harsh.  There can be very little appreciation or recognition.  And yet among all the difficulties, mothers hand in there.  Smiles and loves on their faces.  Despite all the adversity, they are there.

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  1. Well it's beautiful I think. Only the strong will survive :). Hope you had a great Mothers Day. :)


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