Sunday, May 16, 2010

For Min

My friend Min has an upstairs neighbor who , every weekend, moves furniture  around.  And apparently from the sound of it, not just some of the furniture.  Massive I'm about to move kind of furniture moving sounds.  WE have speculated ( with a lot of ROTFLMAO ) what could possibly be going on up there.  SO any ideas??

In the meantime - as she has 2  cats ( one slightly psychotic) I think she should get a cat cam and find out once and for all .

for min


  1. Maybe to make room for exercise. Or to cut out a dress on the floor. Wouldn't it be weird if she needed the space to block a shawl. Or maybe they are artists. DH is always rearranging something.

  2. OMG I think you should go for it but I pity what you are going to find out else is moving up there LOL It's something I don't even want to speculate about :)


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