Monday, May 17, 2010

I have almost tomatoes and a cool gadget

Last week we had temps as low as 35 degrees at night and wind gusts over 40 miles per hour.  When I noticed yesterday that the petals were gone off of the flowers on the grape tomato, I was pissed.  The weather this spring has been pissing me off, and that just topped it all.  So this afternoon, while checking out my baskets I noticed the reason the petals had fallen off!  I have three little itty bitty grape tomato babies.  So I ran inside to get my camera and it took me 6 attempts to get the camera to focus on the tomatoes.


Tomorrow is my field trip with Curt to chileplantshe's a bit concerned that I may get out of control with that many choices ( me? out of control?  if i was the kind of woman who got out of control there would be a giant corner filled with yarn.... oh right.... oops)  So he made me figure out how many plants I could put in my pots, including the fact that I still am looking for bush cucumbers.  So I have to write down how many total plants, how many pepper plants, tomato plants, eggplants etc etc.  And give it to him to hold...... sigh....

On a different note, I must confess my love of gadgets.  Seriously, I can't be trusted around the gadget section of cooking stores.  And infomercials.... Let's just say I have a titan peeler, and a brownie pan with dividers, and caps for cans of soda, the rib cooker ( a rectangle crock pot with rib racks) etc, etc.

So there was a particular gadget mentioned on the beer lovers forum on Ravelry. ( beer and yarn - not always the best combination) about a bottle opener ring being sold on etsy.  For those of you not familiar with etsy, it is an online marketplace for handcrafted, vintage items or supplies.  SOmeone on etsy is marketing these rings ( they didn't make) and selling them for $20.  i had remembered getting one for $4 at le Gourmet Chef in the mall.  So when I was in the mall getting a charger for my phone ( love the droid incredible - but after a phone which went 2 days between charging this one is on red in 12 hours) I stopped in - shhhh unsupervised.  They had a whole display for 99cents!!  and unlike the etsy seller in sizes from 8 to 15!!  So I just had to get one for my friend C. ( LOL)



The ring works really well.  I wear it when we tailgate at the races.  You just put the cat shape on the inside of your finger ( middle works the best)   and its sooo easy to pop the top off another bottle of beer.    


  1. Wouldn't you know the middle finger. LOL Your poor tomatoes. But hey sure are cute. Damn Mother Nature.

  2. Congrats on the tomato babies. I am so jealous. That would look cool opening a beer with your bare hands.

  3. you are a gadget girl if I ever knew one


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