Monday, May 24, 2010

My New Plants!

Today I'll show you my eggplants and tomatillos.

Kermit eggplant

First meet Kermit.  I was a bit concerned that maybe I damaged the plant when taking it out of the container, because it was all wilted for a couple days.  But it's been picking up, and I think with some TLC (almost wrote TLV- only my NASCAR  friends would understand)   Kermit is a hybrid eggplant out of Thailand.  It's supposed to be an early season eggplant - it is a round -2.5in, green and white  fruit.

Striped Tioga eggplant

Next is my Striped Tioga Eggplant.  It is a mid-season teardrop shaped eggplant.  I'm not 100% sure where it's from.  When ripe it will be 3-4 in long by 1-1.5 in wide ( yes I prefer the smaller eggplant varieties not the regular purple one you see most often in the grocery store)  And get this - it will be orange with green stripes - how much fun is that??

zuni tomatillo

The nursery had tomatillo plants - which I was not prepared to see.  They didn't have them listed in the quick reference guides they had.  SO I randomly picked two Zuni Tomatillo's.  Then after I got them home, I realized I had no idea how to grow them.  So after a bit of research I discovered that they basically thrive under the same conditions as tomato plants, but don't want to be crowded and like to have some air flow around them.  I can do tomatoes so it should be ok.  They are native of New Mexico - named for the Zuni tribe that comes from the region.  They bear small cherry sized fruit that are supposed to be quite tasty.  They are indeterminate, so they continue to grow ( up to 4' tall and 3'wide) and bear fruit all season.  They have very delicate , yellow flowers ( same color but different shape than a tomatoes flower) 


Apparently they are pretty happy as they have little baby tomatillo's already.  Angie is already planning salsa- but I think she'll need more than 2.

Tomorrow, you'll get to meet the tomatoes, and it will probably take a couple days to show you all the peppers ( I just love peppers!)



  1. These are wonderful my friend. TLV TLV...thinking thinking...crap I love NASCAR as you know and I can't figure that one out LOL Keep up the good work. Whose the planter that you and Curtis did coming along by the way?

  2. Your garden is wonderful. So many varieties of fruit, veggies, and flowers.

  3. all I can say is you are rocking it with the garden. Is your thumb officially green yet?


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