Monday, May 10, 2010

SCCA Trans-Am and Robin spoilers

water Tower

Or how I froze my butt on Mother's Day.

Curt and I drove (forever) down to Millville on Sunday morning.  We stopped at the Club Diner  in Bellmawr, NJ for breakfast.  Ever since we decided to leave early to beat shore traffic one weekend on our way down to the track, and look for breakfast closer to south Jersey, this has become our breakfast stop.  It's a cute small diner, very friendly staff, and a great breakfast.  ( although being from North Jersey, the "pork roll" on their menu makes me shudder)  Previously, we got off at a different exit of the turnpike and drove about 40 miles down 295 to stop at the diner.  the exit after the diner is the one that takes you to 55.  For whatever reason, maybe Curt programmed it as a way point on his gps, the gps took us to exit 3 on the turnpike and the diner is like right in between the turnpike and our next exit on 295.  YAY!

We got to the track early, for qualifying and tech inspections.   20 cars registered, but only 8 showed up. ( hey top ten finish for everyone!) Here's the start of the line for qualifying laps.  trans-am

"My driver" is Tomy Drissi.  his car ran a Marmaduke movie paint scheme.

This ATV cracked me up.  The honda ATV with the Jaguar logos from Rocketsports. BTW - for those of you who follow racing - the guy with his back to the camera is Paul Gentilozzi - of Rolex, Trans-Am, Grand am and Imsa fame.  Better pick later.

Drissi - debriefs after his qualifying run.
Tomy Drissi

Lopez, Drissi ,Ave
RJ Lopez, Drissi and Tony Ave wait for their cars to go through tech.  After looking at Ave's lack of grooming - I really don't want to hear anyone picking on Stewarts scruff anymore.

The temperature for most of the day didn't get out of the low 50's.  When we had first arrived the temperature was 45 degrees.  Add to that a very windy day, with gusts reaching 40 miles and hour, and you will understand how I spent most of the day frozen.  Do you know how you kind of hunch up a bit when you are really really cold?  I was doing that all day!  My shoulders were soooo stiff when I woke up this morning I had to spend an extra 5 minutes just under the hot water in the shower!
for min  Garage bathroom - picture for Min

After the race - and we were near turns 12 and 13, we had to seriously hustle to get to the victory lane podium.

Drissi, Lopez and Ave really were the class of the field - it was like watching 2 separate races.Drissi won!

Paul G.
Gentilozzi in victory lane - dude your car won, lets not get too excited.

Of course my camera takes so long between pictures I missed them spraying the champagne at each other, but oh well
Lopez, Drissi, Ave

Ok this post is long enough, that if you "accidentally" scrolled this low and you didn't want to see Robin's progress it's your own fault.

So here is a close up for clue 4.
clue 4
i did make it 1 20 row repeat smaller, because it is getting longer than I would consider a "shawlette"  and because the beginning 3 clues leading up to this section used one skein.  SO I am assuming the end piece will use one skein.  And I really didn't have enough from skein 2 to do another repeat.

Here is Robin as she stands now.
robin after clue 4


  1. sorry we can't get together tomorrow but things happen and i truly understand.

    I may go up for a little while in the morning just to snag a cinnamon roll, they were pretty good last week!!! BUt we will see how much energy I have tomorrow

    Robin looks great

  2. I LOVE the bathroom pic!!!!!


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