Monday, May 3, 2010

Plant shopping!

I'm trying to hold off on buying too many veggie plants for 2 weeks ( although I've been looking for some elusive bush cucumbers).  The reason is Curt and I are taking a "field trip" to  It turns out, they are located in NJ, near New Hope,PA.  They stock 500 kinds of hot and sweet peppers and 175 kinds of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes.  i was going to order from them this year, because all the nurseries have the same assortment it seems, and realistically starting from seed, when I only have room for 1 or maybe 2 of a variety on my balcony, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  i was kinda doubtful as to how they could possibly pack them so UPS or Fedex didn't kill them, but was willing to take a chance.  Then I found out where they were!  So in the meantime I headed out to Derings nursey in Succasunna yesterday ( seriously one of the best nurseries around in my opinion - I drive past 4 to get there, for both variety and quality of plants)  I took the princess, and we bought a lot of color.  She fell"in love" with a bunch of plants.  i am going to need a few more containers I think.  So today and tomorrow I need to pot these.  There is a purple pepper plant ( the only kind of non-hot pepper the princess eats - tastes the same , seriously, but you  know it's purple) a sweet 100 tomato, a grape tomato, some basil to plant over top of the tomatoes, some italian parsely, and some lemon thyme, and curry ( now curry as I eat it is a blend of spices, but this plant smells just like it, and according to the label can be used to seasin soups and stews.  Interesting.  it's the silvery looking plant)  The rest are flowers for the containers 0ut front.




 So have you had your breakfast yet?

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  1. Your field trip sounds like fun, I want to find Heirloom tomatoes already grown and harvested somehow this summer They always look so good!

  2. You know I want to hire you has my gardener and with your mouth and mine we ought to have a blast LOL :) Beautiful shots my friend :)

  3. I wish I had your energy!! Your garden is so lovely already. These new plants will make it so beautiful.


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