Saturday, May 1, 2010

Irritating Irony

Curt watches Swamp loggers.  I was knitting while he was watching after the race.  They are having issues with the mills not buying wood.  

Meanwhile, I am spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get red oak flooring in.  It's really scarce right now. The guy who "runs" the dept is freaking out about not being able to stay in stock - not because customers want it - but because he doesn't want to get in trouble for being out of stock.  This does happen periodically after bad weather, it takes months to go from a tree to a floor.  And so  we can't order it - it all goes by buyer allocations from Atlanta. And as soon as I get a unit in - a contractor buys it.  So even when I get it in - we are still out of stock.  As frustrated as these guys on tv are, I'm trying to get wood!  Ironic isn't it?  I made Curt go watch in the bedroom.

The Irony is Irritating me.

So I'm taking a cue from that old sitcom "Golden Girls" and asking - what kinda cheesecake ya want?

You Are a Caramel Cheesecake

You are a completely decadent person, and you're always willing to treat yourself to something delicious.

You don't hold back in life. You don't believe in moderation, and if anything, you're likely to over do things a bit.

You are very sweet, almost overwhelmingly so. You are also quite assertive... but only in the most charming way.

You are grandiose and dramatic. You live large, and people notice you right away.


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