Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Angie is home for a few days!

We picked the Angie up from school on Sat morning - as they were closing the dorms at 5pm - unless you had a reason you had to stay (Athletes etc) and made prior arrangements.  We won't go into how her flakey high school friends impacted this plan.  We stopped and had breakfast on the way home.  Then both she and I took naps - she because being ready at 830, put a strain on her waking up before 9am, and me because I didn't get into bed after being out until almost 1am, and then leaving at 630 for Philly.

We woke up at 3pm and headed to Wharton to Hot Rods (see post about my anniversary from last weekend)  to split some Crawfish and Oyster dishes.  She'll be off with her friends Tue & Wed hanging out with her grandfather (causing trouble I'm sure) on Thur. So I won't be seeing her that much, but Curt still thinks we'll have a fight.


  1. Well, how will you know that she is, indeed, home if you don't have some sort of argument? That's what mother-daughter relationships are at this stage!

  2. so which day is breakfast Tuesday or wednesday==in this photo she really looks like you! HI ANgie!


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