Sunday, March 6, 2011

Signs of Spring

It's been pouring here since last night.  Serious, heavy drenching rain for over the last 24 hours.  Add to that the fact that it was in the low 50's today and a significant amount of the snow has melted. (Notice I didn't say all) The fact that tonite's lows are in the 20's and tomorrows lows are in the teens we are going to be getting some icing.  
I've already been planning out my container garden and my flowers, reserved my extreme hot peppers and heirloom tomato plants.  This year is a bit more adventurous, as I have spent over 20 hours on the computer in on-line training for work.  From last week to Sept 1'st I have a position dealing with Garden Recovery.  Right now it's a lot of fun (the cold everyone else is bitching about doesn't bother me- I  dress for it - I know radical concept- and dressing for it doesn't mean trying to work dressed like the Michelin man) the area is gated off from customers, so it's just dealing with the trucks, setting the beams (one beam was stubborn took 2 f'ing hours) putting in the skids as they come off the trucks.  Anytime I can spend 6-7 hours on a lift truck I'm having fun ( but i do have an inner 8 year old boy).  But sooner or later (hopefully sooner - we were 2 weeks behind when I got out there) we'll be done and customers will be out there.  
So in order to be able to help them, I have to take these classes.  ( I actually scored high enough on 8 of the tests to get a nursery certification)  I've learned a lot that I didn't know, learned why certain things work and others don't work.  I knew what to do before, I didn't know why.  So all this new knowledge has me feeling more adventurous in my garden plans.  As much as I love winter - and even after this winter I still love snow and winter and cold weather - once I start planning my veggies and flowers I am ready for spring to hit.  When I looked outside by the door this afternoon, where the snow had melted in the rain I saw my first signs of spring.

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  1. My daffodils came up through the snow and will soon bud. My Hyacinth are about to bloom, too. I love Spring!


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