Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New day...

My job ended yesterday.  Honestly by the time yesterday came I was ready to let it go.  Certain pieces of my job that remained were given to a new part time position.  In some other buildings these people were interviewed selected, did their computer training and worked with the outgoing people at least one day last week.  In our store, they didn't even interview until this past Friday.  One of the people was hired from the outside so is still in the orientation process.  We (2 others and I ) kept asking for answers as to what exactly was going on, because one person would tell us we had to keep working the part timers tasks until they were ready etc.  Other shit kept hitting the fan as well.

All 3 of us had worked out other positions that were kind of the best of what was out there. (there were certain area's that we couldn't transfer to, and some of those are actually what we do best) Out of the 3 of us, I was the only one with lift machine licenses.  The other 2 had them, but never re-certified over the years because it wasn't necessary for our jobs.  I kept mine, because sometimes a girl just needs some play time, and i have no patience sometimes waiting for someone else to do something.  Plus I hi-jacked the carpet truck and kind of stole that from receiving when they were short people and I never gave it back.  Also as I am a lift truck trainer, I need my licenses.  SO the other 2 both took positions that required lift licenses.  They did the computer training, and I made sure to bump them to the front of the training queue so they would be licensed in time.  One guy was cut and dry- it was like riding a bike for him.  The other guy.... sigh.  He's maybe 3 inches taller than me, and while I'm fat, he's shaped like Grimace.  He weighs over 400 lbs.  The seatbelt on the forklift doesn't fit him by 5 inches.   So that ruled out that machine.  He apparently is more afraid of heights than I am - I can go up, don't like it, but I suck it up and go up, he won't.  So the mgr of the area he was supposed to work waits until yesterday to tell him -no license no job, and gives him 2 other options.  Both of which involves nights and weekends.  He flipped out.  I feel bad for him- but he really can't do the job w/o machinery so I understand why- I don't understand why they waited until the day before.

Unfortunately the position he was supposed to have was working for me.  So now I'm a person short.  On top of the fact the store is between a month and 2 weeks behind in getting ready for spring.  Part of it was all the snow outside, the other part... sigh.. not getting into.  Another new person quit today because he didn't realize he'd be outside ALL day, it was too cold for him, stuff is too heavy blah blah blah,  so my team of 6 is currently a team of 4.  The packdown crew ( they refill stuff on the shelves from 4am to 1230.) were told they needed to send 2 people after their lunch so I get 2 people for 3 hours. woo hoo. 

But today, a lot of stuff got done, and it's all solid and concrete so it's like instant gratification.  I spent 3/4 of my day on a forklift - so it was like playtime.  And being outside in 35 degrees really doesn't bother me.  The only slight annoyance was when I needed a pair of workgloves and they all flop at the end of my fingers because even with my talons, they don't reach the end of fingers.

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  1. whew well I wish you lots of luck with the new position and I will see you tomorrow (wednesday) for knitting


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