Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you Remember Friday's Post??

Snow flowers

After being 78 degrees and sunny on Friday, today was 32 degrees and snowing pretty hard up until 10am.  Of course since I start at 4am- my day is 75% over by the time it quit snowing.  But I had fun- outside, on a forklift- with no treads on the tires, on a uphill ramp, with full skids of topsoil on it.  Seriously, thoug, I find that fun- people think I'm kinda nuts.  But the really twisted thing was the more people griped about it the more fun I had playing in it!

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  1. wow sorry to hear about the snow. I am ready for spring and hope the cold cold weather is over here in North Carolina. It can frost late here but I don't want that. I have started tomaoto seeds in started pots and I am ready to start my container and in ground gardens. Have a great rest of the week


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