Sunday, May 24, 2015

Can someone explain Accuweather?

My accuweather app has been annoying me lately.  Some of it might be my phone not updating the current weather.  But, since winter (and in NJ we had a really rough late winter)  I've been noticing that's app has been much more acurate.  But this morning it really annoyed me:


If the current temperature at 8:24am is 44 degrees, how is it possible that the low for the day is predicted to be 57???

Screenshot_2015-05-24-08-27-10 also lists the low temperature at 57 - but at 8am it IS 57 degrees.. how can they be 13 degrees apart.  A few minutes after these screen shots I went out to check on my plants in shorts a tank top and bare (not bear) feet.  It was definitely not 44!!  


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