Monday, May 11, 2015

Surprised my mom

Surprised my mom, since I didn't get to see her yesterday. We showed up with a large pizza (pepperoni, mushroom, peppers her favorite) the rainbow connection shawl I made her for mother's day (these things I make her get the other church ladies jealous) but she needs it because her favorite pew is near the AC vent.  I got Christopher a book and made him a toy to match.

As usual he spent the first hour crying. He really needs to get socialized. But then later when Curt was putting the straw we gave her (I needed some for my containers and the smallest bale was way too big) she likes using it in her garden, he was walking with me, we went down to the corner and down another block. He was soooo happy, he didn't care that he really doesn't know me well or that he couldn't see the yard he was used to our my mom. He listened well when I told him he couldn't cross the grass next to the sidewalk toward the street. But when my mom came around the corner and called his name he didn't respond at all.

I worry about this kid.

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  1. absolutely no offense to your mom, I am sure she is doing her best, but he badly needs social interaction with children his age and with well trained adults or come kindergarden he is going to have problems, and then they will lump diagnose him as autistic or ADHD or something else. I think you are right to worry about him too but he sure is a cutie!!!!


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