Friday, May 22, 2015

Hot Rods

We finally got to the new Hot Rods location (they moved maybe a mile)  Part of an old mill building,  there is lots of parking (always had to find somewhere to park on the street before) it's bigger, love how they kept all the bricks and everything in the decor.  The only drawbacks I can see to the location is that the traffic light two blocks away totally jams up during rushhour aka early dinner time, and it was cool last night - there is an industrial park down the road and a lot of tractor trailers went by on their way to I-80 - if they open the windows it could get noisy - did not look to see if the windows open. The other thing is coming out (or in) if you don't go down the ramp on the side you have to turn left at what looks like a loading dock to get to the stairs - I can envision inebriated patrons stepping off the ledge thinking there are stairs there.


My view of the bar.  The food is still amazing, there looks to be several new items on the menu (chicken and waffles anyone?) new salads, and in the coming soon section - burnt ends vodka sauce!  One of the things I love is their long beer list - and the cicerone has never steered me wrong!  Curt knowing full well how long the beer decision could take ordered appetizers up front.  My favorite  bacon wrapped burnt ends (heaven) and fried pickles.



Once I finally picked my beer and we were able to order - I had to tease Curt about being civilized... I usually drink mine out of the bottle unless it's draught, Curt though...


I ended up getting fish tacos - also great with cole slaw (you know you really have to like it to order it) and sweet potato fries:


I'm so glad I wasn't in the mood to cook Wednesday Night!!

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