Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Planting pretty much done


The herb tower was one of the last things I had to do (top tier still waiting for seedlings to be big enough to withstand an actual rain)  Yes, it's a lot of straw, a lot of it will blow away, the rest will mulch it for the summer.


I also got my cucumbers started.  I had some trouble the last 2 summers with the cucumbers, and then it dawned on me - bush cucumbers stay low to the ground and want to bush out, I want the plants to climb the trellis - so I'm back with the burpless (less seeds) vining kind this summer. Cross your fingers!


My micro Tom has flowers!  How cute is it??  (that's an 8" pot if you're wondering.


One last note - I bought this for the front - I love this!! It looks like the backdrop if a sci-fi Martian flick!!!


It's going to drop into the high 40's the next 2 nights, so the HOT peppers and the eggplants will be coming back inside.  Everything else should be ok.

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