Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tomato Tuesday??


This is Early Wonder with Greek Dwarf Basil.  I'm calling her WOnder Woman because she's going to take down my father in law and my mom ...just saying...


Two of my favorite hanging basket tomatoes (they haven't gotten their basil buddies yet)  On the left is the Coyote (really tiny maybe 1/2 in diameter) cherries that ripen golden yellow and are sweeter than eating a jelly bean!  Starts ripening mid season and keeps making more of the tiny drops of wonderful!  On the right is Sweet Million, an improved hybrid of the popular Sweet 100's.  3/4 to 1 in diameter red cherries.


Here's a second Coyote that I'm going to experiment with caging to see how it does vs hanging.  It's paired with Italian Large Leaf Basil.


Here's my yellow pear, it is in a hanging basket, it's paired with Thai Lemon Basil.

The hanging baskets aren't hanging yet, because being on a balcony I cable strap the basket's to the pole I have going around because there is more wind up here than at ground level.  Until the night temps get warmer consistently I keep bringing them in at night.  This week Micro-Tom and Black Sea Man will get pots, the rest will stay in their mid point pots until I can put them out in the coir baskets.




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