Friday, May 15, 2015

Lunch for One

I don't have any terribly interesting things to show you food wise.  I had a couple really good burgers off the grill this week, but that's it.  So I was thinking about what to post the other day as I was making my lunch, and I figured I'd talk about lunch.  When I am at work my lunch consists of a really large salad (fills a 5 cup Rubbermaid container.) It's pretty basic - mixed greens ( I like the kind with pieces of herbs mixed in) 3 mini cucumbers - 4 if they are extra mini, a couple tomatoes, sometimes carrot, sometimes olive, occasionally if I have leftover fresh mozzerella I'll put that in as well.  On the side I am totally addicted to quinoa salad - I call it crack.  If the deli is out then I'll have a bit of hummus with 4 triscuits.  A 16oz bottle of water goes with it.  

When I'm off during the week and Curt is at work, then I will make myself lunch.. sometimes.  I save things Curt is allergic to or doesn't like for when I eat without him.  I'm not really a sandwich girl - unless we're talking eggplant parm, or a panini, but since I love the seriously crusty breads and ciabatta breads - I can't have them often because of the carbs.  I do use a high fiber low carb wrap - usually for breakfast though.  I took pictures of my 2 lunches this week. 


Tuesday, I microwaved half of a small spaghetti squash (7 min on high, seeds removed, face down on a glass dish)  I put a few pieces of frozen shrimp scampi from Schwann's (frozen food I can eat) in a small skillet with sliced baby bella mushrooms, added about a cup of frozen veg - broccoli,carrot, pea, water chestnut mix, tossed in some fresh asparagus from my mom's garden, some extra garlic and italian seasoning - and I put it on top of the "spaghetti"  I garnished with the bits I picked off the ends of my various basil (pick off the buds so they grow bushier)  


Today's lunch started with one of the wraps, a big handful of salad greens w herbs, sliced mini cucumbers (3) chunky tzatziki sauce and a piece of baked salmon (with some dill).


Both quick, easy,  healthy and yummy!

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