Monday, January 16, 2012

49ers beat the Saints!

Saturday night. the Angie and I rooted for the 49ers to win their playoff game.  What a game!  Alex Smith runs for a touchdown; 4 touchdowns in 4 minutes; 10 years off the end of my life!and in the last few seconds of the game - down by 3 - Jim Harbaugh doesn't send Ackers out for the tying field goal - he lets Alex Smith(team moron) throw a pass. The Angie and I were freaking out , Curt was deciding not to come home from bowling, and Vernon Davis went up for the most amazing catch.

Angie wasn't thrilled with the crying - but seriously it's hard to imagine the emotions he was feeling.

Next week will be interesting. Playing the Giants in Candlestick for the National League Championship and to move on to the Super Bowl.  Curtis is a Giants fan.  Basically no matter what happens he loses.

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