Saturday, January 28, 2012


My friend Grace - Lovincomfortknits on the blog bar on the side is a monster knitting machine.  She makes more monsters than people who work on horror movies!  Of course her monsters are friendly not scary.  For a while now I've been teasing her about all her monsters. BUT...


I have recently been knitting owls.  First I knit the small ones (great use for scrap sock yarn - and since they use 2 colors - I can use scraps from my hexiflats.  The big owl is leftover yarn from my Too many Muppets mitts and my Flourishing Cowl test knit. I don't know how many I'm going to knit.  Unlike monsters there is no putting together needed- just a kitchener stitch at the top of the head.  I use the same cast on I use for toe up socks - so no seam at the base.

So anyway - I am currently blaming the Angie-  she goes to Temple - Temple's mascot is an Owl, they are referred to as the Owls.  So blaming my Owl for the Owls.

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  1. I love them I have made 6 of the small owls, 3 for me 2 for a swap and one in Steelers colors. I have also knit one called Lucy's Owl----Rav it, it does require assembly but would be a great ANgie Owl!!


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