Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anna's Wedding

During my blog hiatus, my sister Anna got married on Nov 26 (Thanksgiving Sat) at a tiny church that still uses the latin rite mass.

Here's Anna getting her hair and makeup done - don't you just love the wedding day socks?

She wore the Princess Kate knockoff dress - with 6 crinolines underneath because she wanted the bottom more poufy so her (size 8) waist would look waspier. (hmmmf) Her dress took up the entire back of the stretch limo!!


She should have measured the aisle of the church - her dress was as wide - my brother stepped on the dress I don't know how many times and he kept popping in and out of pews on his way up (since my dad is no longer here- my brother  gave her away)

Poor Joe (the groom) was barely on the kneeler!

I actually wore makeup and curled my hair!!

The Kiss!

I'll finish this on Thursday - tomorrow is Sensational Haiku!! (and Braun's Day!!)

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  1. Love the dress. I hope your sister will be very happy! Last year must have been a time for love. Two of my friends got married last year. One the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the other on December 30th. Have a great weekend.


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