Sunday, January 29, 2012

Procrastination has its pluses.

Last year, my mom was going to toss the bottom half of my great grandpa's secretary desk because it was in a place that got wet and had water damage.  I have a lot of great memories with him at that desk. So I took it to refinish.  I didn't have time last summer- and I need to do it outside.

She has the top half in her hallway being used as a bookcase and said I can have the top when the bottom is finished.

Yesterday, I got together with my cousin Norman and his son John and I found out that the desk has been in my family since at least the 1850s. My cousin has a picture of a newspaper picture from when my great-great-great grandfather was elected to state senate. The picture was taken at that desk. And in Normans opinion it didn't look new.

So he thinks I shouldn't refinish it. But should find a way to just repair the damaged part.  I agree - although part of me thinks since I knew my great grandfather had it when my grandfather was born in 1910 and was willing to refinish how does another 60 yrs change that?

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