Friday, January 27, 2012

Missing Curt

Curt's been gone for 2 nights.  Last night he was in Atlantic City for some geeky, nerdy, computer/education conference.  Blech. And does he send me a "miss you" or "goodnight" text?? No he does not - He sends me a text that says -"abondigas"  (he saw them on food network  once - liked saying the word - enough that I was ready to kill him ) and was having that for dinner.

Last night he spent in a sleep clinic.  I am sure he has sleep apnea - and I am sure it is getting worse.  He's asleep when I get up for work ( so are most other people unless they are still up from the night before) and he snores.  a lot.  But he sounds like he stops breathing and then makes a snorkely gasp noise and starts breathing again.  And the more such noises he makes the more he complains he is tired.  We both go to bed around midnight on Friday and Saturday - it's his normal bedtime and I don't want to be WIDE AWAKE at 3am.  I'm awake between 4:30 and 5.  Sometimes I get up for a couple of hours and get back in bed for a nap around 6:30 or 7.  Then I wake up again around 8 - 8:30. And he's still asleep.  He'll come wandering out around 10.  Once my friend and I were trying to be very quiet - in an Elmer Fudd  be berrry berry quiet - I'm huntin' wabbits! kind of way to see how long he'd sleep - he came out at 11:52 - we were kind of oping for noon.  So was the Angie - cause then he couldn't make fun of her for sleeping until noon or 1 or...

It's kind of weird.  Even though I go to bed 2 hours before he does, and wake up 3 and a half hours before he does - I  still don't like being alone in the bed for that  3 hour overlap..


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE on the not wanting to be alone!! That is why I get up at 5 play on the computer a while and then go back to bed because I don't like that he left, but he will be home yet again Monday so that will not be a problem@

  2. Hope he can get some answers. I hear the CPAP machines can work wonders. Evidently I just snore like a freight train without the gasping bit, but I'm still exhausted in the morning. Of course, having to rearrange a dachshund all night probably adds to that....

  3. It sure sounds like sleep apnea (Oscar and I both have it).
    After he gets a CPAP, his life will get MUCH BETTER.
    It was like rediscovering my brain.


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