Sunday, January 8, 2012

One More Week with the Angie.

The Angie goes back to school next Sunday - on HER BIRTHDAY!! Apparently this sucks for me more than for her.  She says she misses us when she's in Philly - but she also says she can't wait to get back. 

We did go out for lunch last week at Hot Rods.  The best part of going out to lunch with her is the conversation- we have better talks both in the car to and from the restaurant and at the place itself, than we do having lunch at home.  Heck, most of the time at home she retreats to her lair, if she's not out with her HS friends.

Then on Saturday, we all (including Curt this time) went out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I had my usual - Uncle Hershel's grilled catfish, grits, eggs over light, biscuits and hash brown casserole.  I think my entire workouts this week are going to be needed just to counteract this breakfast.  I love shopping in the country store attached to the Cracker Barrel, especially as I have a couple swaps coming up and they had some fun stuff that would work with both swap's themes.  So I may have to pop back in to shop before the end of the month.  I also may have picked up a 4 pack of Cheerwine in glass bottles.  Best. Soda. Ever.

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  1. Hi Ria, It sounds like you have had a great weekend also and you have enjoyed the time you spent with your daughter. I always enjoy going out to lunch with my daughter. I am sorry to hear about your A C Moore. I agree with you why raise the rent if your renter's can't Pay. I would think getting some rent is better than no rent at all. I hope A C Moore can find another building and reopen soon. Have a great week.


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