Sunday, January 15, 2012

Worlds dumbest.

So I was going to make this big post with pictures and everything about the divisional playoff game between the 49ers and the saints. But it will have to wait for tomorrow.

I think it is safe to say that if you hear Tanya Harding or Danny Bonaduce's voices while your husband is doing something it probably doesn't bode well. AND if instead of allowing you to video it- just in case something goes awry- you could sell the video to worlds dunbest and recoupe some of his medical expenses- he wants you to come and assist him- you should be allowed to mock him later.  On your blog.

Since we had to bring the Angie back to her dorm in Philly and my friend
Min's birthday was yesterday, we arranged to get together with Min to celebrate. (ok really I wanted to hang out with Felix her cat... ) min needed those plastic sheets that cover your windows to prevent drafts. I was going to get some at work and bring them down, but in all the Angie shopping I forgot, so we got some here.

Now I will admit, I end up bringing curt places and popping a honey-do list on him. I "helpfully" comment on how he should do stuff.  This was one such occasion.  Curt was perched on the back of Min's couch applying tape to the window, when he balanced the knife on the top of the front pane (which was raised because of a window ac) it promptly fell between the two panes.

Now we embarked on a "project" of rescuing said knife. This utilized 2 spatulas taped together, 2 plastic poles from.a laundry dryer, someone pressing on the glass so it wouldn't fall farther, all to no.avail.  then curt comes up with his brilliant plan.

He opens the window next to it (storm window doesn't stay up) and crawls -headfirst- onto the porch roof - while I push the knife down so it will drop. In the meantime, the knitting needle that was propping up the storm window fell out, the window was on his shoulder, and he had to crawl back in the window while I held the window up.

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  1. isn;t there some kind of comment about Frick and Frack that fits here????????????????


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