Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mystery Pictures

My cousin Norman, the most avid of the genealogists in our family has been looking for a picture of our great-great grandfather for his entire adult life.  He has gone to some bizzarre placees searching.  he has spent a day working on a hog farm!!  This past weekend while he was visiting, and we were discussing the desk I mentioned the other day, my sister popped up and went to her room.  She had a stationary bag with some pictures in it that she had found in the desk.  There were a bunch - but 4 pictures were labeled in the back as George.  One of them had the Civil War tax stamp (taxing pictures was one way they raised funds for the war.)  So Norman went from no pictures to 4!

George as a child

George at 18 or 19

George at 45

George with friends

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