Sunday, January 22, 2012

NJ doesn't have a pro team. GO 49ers!! Beat them with the 'stick

NFC Championship is tonight!! ( Hear that I.R. ?  Giants and 49ers can't play each other in the SuperBowl.. duh...)   Should be an interesting evening.  Clearly, I am a monogamous obsessive fan- and root for the 9'ers all the way.  My husband is a Giants fan - not nearly as invested in any sport or team as much as I am - but his interest ramps up if his team makes the post season.  I live in the midst of Giants territory, surrounded by Cowboy fans...The Angie is very much the 49er  girl... and is currently worried about becoming a child of divorce.

So I do have several friends whose teams are now dreaming of next year on the beach.  They suddenly decided they were rooting for the Giants as the "home" team.  Seriously???  The Giants have practiced and played in NJ for almost 40 years.  Yes - in 1976 the Giants started playing in the Meadowlands.  That is 36 years ago!  In 36 years - and now a brand new stadium later - the Giants continue to dis the state that gives them support and a home and leave a state who wouldn't/couldn't pass the bonding to build them a stadim - in their moniker!  Wake up New Jersey idiots!  Everytime you hear them referred to as the NY Giants - every piece of licenses merchandise with the NY on it - they are really mocking you.  NJ paid for the Meadowlands, every NJ resident who complains because of our tax rates needs to remember - you paid for it in your taxes not the morons in NY who continue to "own" the team.  So as far as I (and several of my friends - Raiders, Chiefs, Cowboys, Ravens, Colts and Bears fans aagree) am concerned - NJ does not have a home football team.  Pick your poison people!

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