Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals I've been working on

As I said in yesterday's post, I have been reevaluating my personal goals.  So most of these I have been working on in some form or another already.

1.  I need to get healthy. I really can't deal with my knees hurting, back hurting, shoulder hurting, and feeling lethargic and tired.  My personality is pretty hyper and I need to be able to keep up.  I did really great last spring and summer and lost a bunch of weight and tightened up. Then I stopped going to the gym as regularly (not totally) and eating crappier because from the hurricane and blizzard and going from garden back to flooring - I pretty much worked 12 hour days and Saturday night overnites from Labor Day to the week of thanksgiving.  Other people got it for a few weeks and wen the wave of rebuilding moved on to the next category they got a break - I ended up following the wave. While getting ready for inventory. ANd because I was working so many hours and was TIRED I started grabbing quick easy food and not hitting the gym.  SO, I've been going back to the gym for the last 2 weeks, and I've been making some healthier eating choices- some.  I'm either going to get a thing on the side of this blog to update the gym/food thing or I'm going to post about it - monthly maybe? So you guys can skip those post but it will give me some accountability- cause I'm not going to want to post - um sat on my ass and ate cookies and ice cream all month.  More importantly - I need to figure out a way to keeep myself going when spring breaks and the overtime hits again.

2.  Blogging - I really did think it through and decided that I want to/ need to blog.  So I need to figure out how to do it with some regularity.  I'm going back to Haiku Wednesday- I really enjoy coming up with a poem for the prompts - yes even the hard ones.  I'm going to do weekly yarny updates.  I haven't decide if it will be a specific day of the week ( what if I have an ooh shiny moment?) or just at some non-Wednesday day.  I'm considering a weekly sports post - not really a news post but more of an op-ed type post - cause trust me, ask any of my RL friends - when it comes to Football/Hockey and Racing I have a ton of opinions!  I'm going to post mini "reviews" on all the books I hope to read. And I am going to use the blogger app on my phone more often - so more picture posts to share with you guys.

     2A - I have a bunch of stuff I need to catch up on - Rhinebeck in October, My sister's Wedding in November and my Brother's Weding in December.

3.  Preventing brain rot - AKA my Goodreads reading.  Last year I set a goal of 24 books - because for a lot more years than I want to admit - I would read the occasional book but most of my reading was magazines - and football stats or recipes really aren't real reading.  I finished the year with 25 books and 3 partials.  The partials because I am not finished with one and 1 I need to get back to eventually and one just didn't catch my attention and this isn't lit class its my life.  For 2012, I'm raising the bar a bit - to 28 books including 5 from the 1001 books to read before you become worm food list.

4.  Yarny stuff - I missed my goal by 6 projects of 52 projects last year.  3 reasons.  First there were 3 months I didn't finish anything. I did do 3 more labor intensive than my usual projects. And I am totally addicted to hexiflats.  I hope to have enough made that I can make a king throw by the end of 2013 - and since they aren't a done project I didn't count them.  I am trying for 52 projects again.  Including 150 hexiflats.  I may edit the flat number at some point but I think three a week is reasonable - since they have become my mindless knitting,  but I think I will count 25 as 1 project.  I also want to knit 12 Christmas ornaments as part of this.  As I said in goal 2- I'm going to post yarny updates - to try to avoid the months that I knit nothing - hexiflats will help that because they are super small and super portable and super mindless.

4A.  I am going to try to knit from my yarn stash this year.  Not the "knit down your stash" that some people are doing. I'm not going on a yarn diet.  I'll still buy the stuff.  Ask anyone who has gone yarn shopping with me.  I rarely buy yarn for a project.  I touch yarn and when I find one I love I bring it home. Then I find a project.  The "problem" (cause having yummy yarn really isn't bad is it?) is that if it comes home and doesn't get cast on right away it gets buried in other yummy yarn.  So I want to give some love and attention to the neglected hanks I own, whose only crime was poor timing catching my eye.

5.  My house is a clutter.  Seriously  those people from the TLC and DIY networks are going to shoe up soon.  Worse - its getting harder to remember where I put something.  So I'm not getting all unreasonably optimistic here - I'm going to try to organize, sort or get rid of something every week.  A nice  somewhat vague, lots of wiggle room goal that will hopefully add up over 52 weeks.  And it leaves room for times I feel super motivated, and for times I don't want to do anything at which point a small accomplishment will still be a victory.

6.  Giving back.  I need to thank NerdWars - their giving geeks category, has given me impetous to give back more,  I did before - but beyond throwing money in a can shake outside the super market or the second collection at church.  This past year ( a lot due to NerdWars challenges ) I've made a bunch of knit items for different causes , and done more myself.  I want to keep this trend - especially in the months (3) between the tournaments when I don't have an outside influence causing me to do something.

Anyone have interesting goals for the year??


  1. mostly knitting goals, but I do want to get back on track with my weight loss and develop a relationship with my grandchildren. I also want to save every penny I can and buy a new bed!!!

  2. Well...
    If you're going to start blogging more, and knitting less, try doing a Friday Flash 55.
    It's creative, it's challenging, AND it's fun!
    C'Mon....It's easy!


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