Friday, July 11, 2008

Container Garden Continued

Ok - as mentioned in yesterday's post - here is one of the "baby" cucumbers. You can still see the flower attached to the top. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am I decided to give cucumbers one last try. From now on all my cucumbers will definitely be grown upside down. The white string you see in the picture is the string trellis that is stretching from the handrail to the roof eaves. i am so amazed at those curly things (technical term) on the vine. When I first hung the trellis they had wrapped around 4 or 5 times in less than 3 hours! If I think about it I'll take a picture of them next time I do a container update.
Now here is the biggest of the sweet marconi peppers. I have never grown these before so I am not 100% sure what exactly I am going to do with it once I pick it. I guess it's sweet (hmmm what powers of deduction) so I'll try a piece raw to see how it'll do in salad. And fry up a piece to see about cooking with it. Although darker it is about the same shape as an Italian frying pepper. (yeah, I'm doing good, let's cook based on shape!)
Now I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this pepper here is HOT. It is the Anaheim pepper. I love it in mango salsa, regular salsa, makes a great omelet, spicy tomato sauce. I love it's versatility. Besides the heat it has a spicier flavor than say a jalapeno. My daughter likes it mixed with browned meat(usually ground buffalo) diced tomato and then mixed with velveta or other melty cheese as a dip or w/o the cheese sauce to make nacho's with lots of cheese melted on top!

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