Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guess I need to re-cap

I guess I'll have to start practicing using red instead of orange. So Tony unveiled his 2 sponsors, Old Spice and Office Depot ( not good for my wallet, I'm addicted to that store as it is!) he will be running the #14 - AJ Foyt's old number. I won my bet - i said if he could change the number from 66, he'd try to get 14 'cause he wants to be Foyt when he grows up. Of course on Friday I get the backordered orange #20 backpack I bought to replace the ripped one for the track. I ordered it in the end of April before all this started. I guess next year I'll just call it retro! Tony did something kind of cool this past week, he donated bulletproof/stabproof vests for the 14 dogs in Indiana's K9 unit as well as the 16 they will be getting. He also donated vests to dogs in GA, NC and 2 other states.

So, what did I do this past week? On Tuesday, I met with 2 other knitters I met online through Ravelry.
I know sounds kind of geeky and if I hadn't learned to knit 4 or 5 years ago I would probably still consider it so. But as I taught myself through books, magazines and tv shows, I didn't know any actual knitters. The msn groups are nice and some of the swaps have been a lot of fun, but it's not very personable. I also can't really commit to anything in the evening- first I have to consider Angie's needs and getting up at 3am leads to me being kind of useless after 8. So when Sandy suggested an afternoon meetup in Denville I dove right in! Sandy has been to every meetup we've had but one, the Jacqui was at the first but scheduling hasn't worked out for her, and now Grace has been there the last 2 times. I'm glad Grace was able to make in out, Tom's family had a loss and I'm sure she welcomed the change. Sandy had gone to a knitters weekend in Ohio (can't remember what it was) and she brought me yarn! She got some in her goody bag, and I have enough blue/grey/white/black yarn for a pair of the shorty socks I like to make. She also brought me some yellow/black/whte yarn that I'll combine with probably solid yellow to make another pair. She also gave me a skein of yarn she said she couldn't make the colors work for her. Of course angie took one look and wanted "something" from it. I haven't taken any pictures so i guess I'll post them next week. Wow! Right? I had come straight from work, and as I had finished my flip flop fitten (foot mitten) I had nothing to work on, while Sandy worked on socks and Grace worked on a teddybear, but a yogurt/berry parfait was calling my name ... Oh did I mention? grace is an actual knit designer! She won 2nd place for a shawl she designed, I think it was far prettier than the shawl that won. she also has a shawl in the patterns section of Ravelry, how cool is that!

I had an evil plan Wednesday to get in an extra 15 minutes at work so I could leave 15 minutes early on Thursday. Ang wanted to see a movie in the afternoon and leaving at one would cut it really close since I'd have to stop at home first to pick her up. Unfortunately I really didn't feel like doing my IMA stuff Wednesday. Fortunately there is always a ton of other work not getting done in the department. I think Ian likes it better when I'm stuck behind my computer. wE dropped a bunch of mixed skid to pack out and labeled the stuff that went up. That place gets more work out of me when I'm not in the mood to work! My carpet truck hadn't come by 1 which was kind of disappointing as i really needed 6 carpets on the machine. So I went back to receiving to check on a PO figuring that would take 5-10 minutes and then I could leave. Of course just as I'm about to turn and leave receiving I hear air brakes. I knew, of course I knew. Carl seemed somewhat surprised I was still around, he looked like he'd just driven through Falujah or something. he's like I know I'm late, if you can't unload me I can't wait, I already skipped one stop, I'll tell you about it Friday. I checked his bills and of course I really need every roll on his truck.

So I tell him don't leave! find Bahri and get permission to stay late and cut the time on Thursday. All said and done ( a bit of a pain as the other stops rolls were on top of mine) I finally walked out at 2ish. This means I can leave at 11 on thursday. Really hate when an evil scheme works too well!

Thursday leaving that early gave me the chance to take ang to lunch at panera's before the movie Mamma Mia - lunch was great, the movie was horrible! peirce Brosnan is hot but can't sing worth shit, I thought they left a lot on the table of what the movie could've been. But the afternoon out with my daughter was "priceless"

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  1. you seemed to have a really good week with the exception of carpet trucks, they really had you working hard this week, I wanted to see Mamma Mia but I think I can wait for HBO or TNT after your review!!! Looking forward to meeting up again Grace


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