Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sandusky Speedway

While we were in Sandusky, the Late Model Series ran Saturday night for the first time in I think 10 or so years. It's been so long since I've been to a local short track. Too long. Unfortunately the closest would be Wall Twsp, which is over an hour from here. One of my favorite categories is the spectator sport division. These cars look like they should be in the bumble bee brigade at a demolition derby. The kid that won his heat and the feature looked like he was about 12 years old - ok, pushing 13 maybe. I think the oldest competitor in that division may have been 17.
Looking over the wall of the bleachers you can see the "garage or pit area". We got dinner at the track, too. There is nothing like $2 nachos, $1 hotdogs, $2.50 for a cheeseburger. ( I always joke that's where they get rid of the used oil.)
The Late Model series ran a 100 lap race. There was a kid who was running in the series for the first time. I think his name was jervik. He started on the outside pole. He drove the wheels off that car! I was expecting there to be a ton of wrecks because there was 21 cars on the half mile track. The way they start after a yellow is kind of cool. The cars start as they were running, with lapped traffic in between. At the last 3 cautions, the kid had this other guy named Ice, who had been the champion 3 times on his back bumper for the restart. Kid kept his cool and won the race by about 1/2 a lap from 3rd place. I'm going to remember that kid's name. With a couple of breaks he could go somewhere.

We did get back to the hotel in time to see the last 30 or so laps of the cup race. I couldn't believe at the end I was rooting for Shrub! Anything to keep Hendricks from winning.

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  1. I know absolutely nothing about NASCAR so this was like trying to read something in a foreign language.:) I do have to say that I also find it very disconcerting to see kids who seem way too young to drive behind the wheel of a car. It makes me feel old!


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