Monday, July 21, 2008

What'd you do this weekend?

It was very hot and humid this past weekend. I took DD out on Saturday morning to practice her driving (she's having some issues slowing down and downshifting when she turns). I took care of my container garden early each morning. The rest of the day I pretty much stayed indoors in the air conditioning. I did a lot of chores, cleaning up the place, re-organized my closet, finally unpacked from our vacation. DD went to a farewell party for one of her friends moving to Virginia, then on Sat went to the firework display a town over, and on Sunday nite, she was going to see the Dark Knight, but both the 7pm and the 8:20 pm show were sold out, so they saw Hellboy instead. so nice she has a life.

I realized that I have been using a lot of the yarn I purchased when I first started knitting. I have been using it mostly for various charitable craft projects. I had made a bunch of chemo caps with a group on msn in Jan and Feb. Then in Feb, I started using a bunch of it for Victory Junction Camp afghans. I also made a few small throw blankets for the local animal shelter. The good news is I have knit/ crocheted away 2/3 of my Lion Brand Homespun and Jiffy and a good portion of my Red Heart super saver yarn as well. Also a bunch of yarn, that wasn't full skeins some without the ball bands. Nothing against this yarn, but the kind of projects I am currently drawn to, won't work with this yarn. I also discovered how quick and fun it is to make market bags, and they are so good for the environment that I have used up a lot of my ---- cream yarn. Unfortunately through all this knit down activity I never took the yarn I used off my list or off my ravelry stash. So I spent a lot of time going through the various bags of yarn highlighting what I had left and taking pictures of it to put on my Ravelry stash page. I had to stop when I ran out of room on my Flickr account. ( Never came close any other month, but between the container garden, vacation and the yarn it's been a heavy month) So I guess in another 10 days I can pick it up again. Then I will have an accurate list of what yarn I have.

I did manage to knit 3 pattern repeats on the orange/black/white ripple afghan and make 2 squares for the red/white/blue afghan. The deadline for the afghans is coming up quickly, especially since I really don't want to seam them together.

I did buy some Noro Taiyo when I was looking for yarn to send my shopping bag swap partner, so now I'm looking for something to make with it. I saw on Ravelry that someone had used a shrug pattern from fitted knits that isn't that nice in the 2 color version the book had but is absolutely gorgeous in the Taiyo, so I am considering it.

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  1. I am so impressed with all your use of stash yarn. I recently moved and donated mine to Goodwill. Good for you for not only using it, but also using it for good causes!


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