Thursday, July 10, 2008

We have a ripe tomato!

We picked a tomato! All the rest of the tomatoes are being stubbornly green but this one finally ripened. As you can see my daughter was excited about it and didn't want to share! (don't worry she relented) I called my mom, but she harvested 2 tomatoes yesterday grrrr. I then called my father in law and his are all still green. YAY. i won! yes i can win a contest that the opposing side doesn't know it its playing. I am hoping I have finally solved the problem of something eating the flowers off my cucumber vine. The flowers ended up on the ground. just the stem connecting them to the vine seemed to be cut. i got some scotts botanical spray (made from chrystanthemums -can't spell that) The chemical breaks down in water or sunlight. I still lost another flower after that so I must confess i sprayed the uprights of the deck with ant spray so the ants couldn't get up to the deck. Hopefully this works. I see 4 baby cucumbers. So hopefully we will eventually get a second cucumber somewhere down the line. I thnk next week sometime next week we will be able to pick at least the 2 larger anaheims and the 3 larger marconi's. (drooling a bit as I type this).

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