Saturday, July 19, 2008

Travel knitting

While on the road to Ohio ( about 7 hours each way) I brought my flip flop socks to work on, but I had to pay too much attention and started getting sick. 9only so much the candied ginger could do) So I broke out the hook, and started hooking (hee hee always cracks me up). I had started one of these market bags for an exchange on gwen's msn knittng and crochet group. i managed to finish the one bag, make another, and make the small one up front in the picture all with one skein of 12 oz sugar n cream marshmallow. These giant skeins were on sale at AC Moore before we left. I then used 2 leftover rolls of denim to make the blue bag. I think this project was easier because I didn't have to look at it very much.
Ok, I'm not sure how to rotate this picture. But this is the exchange package I sent to Sherry Monday for the exchange. Along with the 2 bags, I sent 2 pot size coffee packs from Seattle Coffee- Henry's Blend and Breakfast Blend. I know I usually send Mara's roasted coffee, but I didn't get a chance to get to Denville. I sent three skeins of kinder yarn in a yummy sherbert color, that I bought from the Knitters Closet. I sent a candle pair that I got while we were at Cedar point in their "Frontier town" candle shop. [Angel was able to dip her own candles in colored wax. She chose to dip a candle that was shaped like a dolphin on one end of the wick and a starfish on the other. She dipped the dolphin's head in pink. then the whole thing in blue, so it had sort of a purple head. She wasn't totally happy but I thought it had come out pretty. She dipped the starfish in yellow and then made the tips pink. She was really happy with that one.] Finally what is an exchange without chocolate of some sort. i got the emergency chocolate in dark (red wrapper) and milk (white wrapper). Of course the day after I mailed it off, the temperature went up to 98 degrees, so I hope it makes it to Illinois ok.


  1. Thanks for the comment on Needles of Iron. I call them 'wild tomatoes' because they are all sprawly all over the place until we 'cage' them up. My tomatoes are typical hybrids, Better Boys and Lemon Boys. The Lemon Boys ripen to a yellow, though, so they won't be rosy red!

  2. Coming at you from the comment train. Love the bags! I have been to a few Nascar races myself back when my driver, Dale Earnhardt, was still alive.


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