Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our trip - part 1

Ok, I'm back. Cedar Point Amusement park is an awesome place to go on vacation! I really want to go back next summer for maybe a week. The park is in Ohio, and was about a 9 hour drive including stopping for breakfast and lunch. We stopped about 20 minutes before Sandusky for lunch so the nutjob could have Cici's Pizza for lunch. She always sees the commercials when we watch races on tv, and there aren't any in NJ. She got to eat her macaroni and cheese pizza (wasn't as heavy as I had feared) We checked in to the hotel around 3:30, and went in the pool until it started raining. When it came time for dinner we went to a place right on Lake Erie called Clinkers. Angel had shrimp, I had blackened grouper (thought about walleye, but when I asked the waiter he gave me the inspired description of it's a fish) Curt had fried Perch. I had a really good drink called the Lake Erie, but I forgot what was in it:( The restaurant was right on a little inlet on the lake and you could look over and see the roller coasters. You may have noticed the blue letters. My husband and I quickly realized that this trip allowed Angel to cross a whole bunch of stuff off of her "bucket list" I had never heard of the bucket list before the movie came out. But she has had a list of things that she has seen or read about that she wants to see/do ( I don't think she thinks much about the death deadline though) So as I go through our weekend, Anytime there is blue letters, it is something off her list. I still have to get the pictures off another memory card, and take pictures of my travel crocheting ( started getting carsick while working on socks, so stuck to crochet which I only had to glance at occaisionally)


  1. OOOO I use to live in Ohio when I was a kid (back before all the extreme rides)and loved Cedar Point. We use to go a couple times a year. Glad you all had a good time.

  2. sounds like it was a wonderful trip, when I sold for Longaberger (Ohio based) they had a yearly day trip there for all the factory workers and shippers etc. They always had a good time too, we are heading to the Akron area next month to visit Hubs sister, so that will be his first time in Ohio!


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