Monday, July 28, 2008


Friday night an auditor from work was playing at McKenna's Pub in Hopatcong. I used to work with the owner until he quit 4 or 5 years ago to open the pub, and I hadn't seen him since his wife died last year. So I figured, I've wanted to see Dan's band for a while- kill 2 birds with one beer you know. The pub was nice, more my kind of place than Curt's ( he never was into the whole bar thing and he's convinced I only go to hillbilly or redneck bars) Dan's band was a lot better than I had thought ( I pictured a bunch of old guys who never outgrew their parents garage) So had a lot of fun.

Sunday morning my car wouldn't even turn over, no dashboard lights, nothing. Turned out to be the battery cable, but I popped the acrylic off of my right index finger while dealing with it. If I had broken my nail it would have really pissed me off. I also got caught out in a downpour when it started raining, and as I walked back inside the power went out! So I am trying to re-acrylic my nail ( my left had is useless, I just have it as ballast so I don't fall over) by the window because I don't think a candle is a good idea near flammable liquid. Then I realized I couldn't watch the race because - no power. the power came back on with only a handful of laps left but I gave up and gave Angie money to order dinner and took a nap until it got there.

I still haven't taken any pictures of my flip flop fittens (foot mittens) I promise I'll get some photo's up tomorrow.

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  1. hahaha, kill two birds with one beer. Funny post!
    (from comment train on rav.)


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