Thursday, August 7, 2008

Harry Potter Husband Test

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Black

Your perfect HP man is Sirius Black.

You want a relationship filled with fun times, with a guy who you know will always back you up. Sure, he's a bit of a jerk with anyone who he doesn't approve of, but as long as he likes you, he'll be a lot of fun. Your days will be filled with laughter and merriment, though if you ever have kids, you'd better be prepared to lay some rules down or else they'll end up with a bunch of reckless rulebreakers running around, transforming into animals at every turn.

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Compared to other takers

  • 10/100 You scored 42% on Lupinity, higher than 10% of your peers.
  • 86/100 You scored 56% on Snapesquity, higher than 86% of your peers.
  • 73/100 You scored 63% on Harryness, higher than 73% of your peers.
  • 96/100 You scored 57% on Ronness, higher than 96% of your peers.
  • 33/100 You scored 25% on Lockhartiness, higher than 33% of your peers.
  • 91/100 You scored 62% on Dumbledority, higher than 91% of your peers.
  • 32/100 You scored 25% on Dudleyness, higher than 32% of your peers.
  • 97/100 You scored 71% on Siriusness, higher than 97% of your peers.
  • 77/100 You scored 46% on Mad-Eye-osity, higher than 77% of your peers.
  • 5/100 You scored 30% on Nevillity, higher than 5% of your peers.
  • 96/100 You scored 69% on Jamesiness, higher than 96% of your peers.
  • 58/100 You scored 63% on Billiness, higher than 58% of your peers.
  • 86/100 You scored 69% on Twinsosity, higher than 86% of your peers.

How everyone did

  • Lupinity Distribution Lupinity
  • Snapesquity Distribution Snapesquity
  • Harryness Distribution Harryness
  • Ronness Distribution Ronness
  • Lockhartiness Distribution Lockhartiness
  • Dumbledority Distribution Dumbledority
  • Dudleyness Distribution Dudleyness
  • Siriusness Distribution Siriusness
  • Mad-Eye-osity Distribution Mad-Eye-osity
  • Nevillity Distribution Nevillity
  • Jamesiness Distribution Jamesiness
  • Billiness Distribution Billiness
  • Twinsosity Distribution Twinsosity

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