Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Saturday @ Pocono

So Saturday at Pocono Speedway was crazy! Cup practice was cancelled due to a huge thunderstorm that had come through in the morning (discovered a few leaks where the tabs are sewn in to my easy up tent thing) So around 10 Curt and I decided to go into the track to see how washed out the track was and to find out if they'd be running happy hour. Practice was indeed cancelled, and the ARCA race was moved back to 2pm. Then they started makng announcements that they wanted people to "take shelter" and leave the grandstand area because of lightning danger. So naturally, and I blame the 50% of my DNA that is japanese, everyone's runnng away and I'm taking pictures with my phone. But check out these pictures! The clouds looked like they touched the ground and were boiling!!

This was taken outside the grandstands a few minutes later- you will notice that there were no other people around, because they were all smarter than I. The cloud that is by the 2 water silos were the same ones that were a mile away in the first picture just moments before..... Yes I got VERY wet a few seconds after that shot.
The wind was soo strong it ripped the top of the flag off the ropes that hold it to the pole! The really amazing part is by the time the race started a few hours later you never would have known it rained at all, it was warm and sunny- perfect race weather! But I'll talk about the ARCA race later.

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