Thursday, August 21, 2008

Talk about Tony

So Tony announced a number change already for Ryan Newman's car next year. Instead of being the number 4 it will be the number 39. Apparently Morgan McClure never said they were done racing the number 4, but NASCAR gave the number away anyway. Ryan won his first USAC race in the number 39, he also ran Nationwide in the number 39 when first coming over to stock cars and won races with that also. So Tony gave the 4 back and took the 39. Hopefully no one went off and got a tattoo. I don't really see Newman as having a legion of tattooed fans though. Speaking of tattoo's that girl Mikey almost went out with a while back go the Smoke logo as a tramp stamp. bet she's glad she didn't go with the 20 like she first wanted!The truck race was last night. I don't understand the whole let's run a race on Wednesday night. The grandstands looked full though so I guess NASCAR knows what it's doing. I of course ( having been up since 2:30 am) passed out asleep at some point in the race. Actually it was right after Jimmie Johnson wrecked. The wreck made me happy, but obviously didn't shoot enough adrenaline in me to keep me awake, and now today I'm sleepy. Bristol's always good for an exciting show so Saturday night could be interesting. (can you believe Curt suggested he wanted the big tv to watch the Giants and Jets pre-season game on Sat night? uggghhh my next husband will root for a real football team AND understand the priorities of tv watching. i mean it's pre-season! I'll compromise and let him have the little picture, even swap it to the big picture for commercials, but that is as far as I'll go) Bristol is a track I really , really want to get to someday. ( Hey Angie goes to college in Sept 2010, it's not that far off. Maybe to help me feel better Curt would take me to tennessee, what do you think?)

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